ENMAR Hardwood Flooring knows that knowledge is power.

We have put some Articles together along with some Frequently Asked Questions for a better knowledge and understanding on hardwood flooring, ENMAR products and services, and answers to commonly asked questions.

Helpful Articles:

  1. Items To Consider When Planning For Hardwood Flooring
  2. Choosing A Wood Flooring Installer
  3. Gym Floor Maintenance Program
  4. Pre-installation requirements: "New Construction and Remodels"
  5. Termites

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  I know I want wood flooring, but where do I start?
Q:  What species of wood can I choose from?
Q:  I decided on a species of wood, what other decisions do I need to make?
Q:  I've narrowed down all my choices, what is the next step?
Q:  I live in Arizona and I was told I cannot have solid hardwood flooring due to the dry climate? What do you think?
Q:  My contactor states that we do not need to let the floor acclimate?
Q:  Why does my wood floor have line cracks in winter and they go away in the summer months?
Q:  In regards to maintenance what am I supposed to do being as there are so many choices?
Q:  Do you carry "Laminate Wood" flooring?
Q:  I had my floor refinished and our finisher used a water base finish. It does not have the same shine or vibrancy to the wood. Aren't all finishes the same?
Q:  How do I decide which stain color to use?
Q:  What thickness of plywood subfloor do I need for ¾" solid wood?
Q:  How should I choose a flooring installer?
Q:  Will you install any hardwood that we have purchased ourselves?

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