In the very beginning of ENMAR, the focus and pride was the installation, restoration, repair and yearly maintenance of gym floors, basketball courts and sports venue floors. Today, ENMAR still maintains the very same pride and focus of this exciting niche. ENMAR continues to specialize in installation, repairs and yearly maintenance of all types of gym floors and sports floors, which includes screen and recoat, sanding and refinishing, board repair or replacement, line and logo application and more.

Sports Flooring Projects:

  • Tempe Union High School District
  • Paradise Valley High School District
  • City of Phoenix Parks and Rec
  • Wells Fargo Arena-Arizona State University
  • Rolle Activity Center/Sky Dome Gym-NAU
  • Phoenix Mercury
  • Phoenix Suns

ENMAR Hardwood Flooring provides all work in house. We work with a graphic artist that does all of our lettering/logo CAD drawings. In addition, all painting is done by our staff and all maintenance, installation and repairs are provided by ENMAR employees.

ENMAR Hardwood Flooring exclusively utilizes Action Flooring for all maple flooring and court systems.
You will see we are very proud of our client base that includes public and private schools, city venues, universities and professional sports venues (The Phoenix Suns and Mercury).


Abrasion of the top coat finish and add additional coats of finish with no direct sanding done to the flooring.
This procedure is usually performed yearly, but with any surface that takes very heavy usage to a smaller area, i.e.-dance floors, bi-yearly is recommended. This is usually a day long process, however there should be a minimum of an additional three days of down time for the area to allow the finish to cure completely.


Completely remove all finish, lines, logos, etc. from the flooring and return the floor to bare wood.
 This procedure is usually performed every 7-10 years, however with improper or lack of yearly maintenance and daily care, that time frame can be shorter. The total time required to sand/seal/repaint all lines and logo application is 3 weeks, with an additional 5 days to allow all finish and paint to totally cure.

Lines/Logo application

We can customize any color(s) you need. We can customize a logo for you or develop one with your input. Our fonts can also be customized. Each logo is unique. We want every gym floor to represent the personality of the school or facility.

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