Laminate wood flooring

Q. Do you carry “Laminate Wood” flooring?

A. A true laminate like Pergo, Wilsonart, etc. is not wood. It is a picture of a specific specie on particle board. You can equate this to a laminate countertop except for your floor. Laminates are composed of 65% paper products. These products can not be glued directly to your floor. Being the composition is paper products, picture your newspaper when it gets wet-that would happen to this type of product if it came in contact with water/moisture-you would have cupping to the floor. This type of flooring is a “floating” floor. Between the concrete and the wood is a piece of foam. When you walk on this type of flooring, the sound bounces from the back and forth between the back of the laminate and the foam. The sound is very hollow and echoing. This type of flooring can not be sanded; board repair is not possible, as these boards when tongue/groove are glued, crystallizes, making board removal impossible. This floor will scratch if a sharp object is pulled across, same as any hardwood.

We do not carry any laminate flooring, but will refer you to a very reputable installer who would be able to help you if that is the flooring you have decided on.