Next step after chosing wood

Q. I’ve narrowed down all my choices, what is the next step after chosing wood?

A. We would do two things for our customer. One is to provide you with a customized sample that incorporates all of your choices. The second thing is to make an appointment to take the measurement(s) of the area(s) that you are considering for the wood installation. This will give us a chance to visualize the space, visualize the concrete( if able to), look  to see what other type of floor coverings the wood maybe coming up against, types of transitions that maybe required, wood direction choices, baseboard or trim application or other options available, existing floor coverings to be removed, and any issues that may impede the installation to certain areas.

We have a Customer Prep Sheet that we will go over with you to help eliminate any surprises. This process should be fun and not stressful for our customers!