Reclaimed flooring offers quality and detail that is unmatched in wood flooring. As with Unfinished Hardwood customers have the flexibility of complete customization. Staining reclaimed wood provides a richer feel than newer wood due to its age. With reclaimed wood, homeowners have the opportunity to not only have great hardwood flooring, but hardwood flooring with incredible character, a touch of history and maybe an interesting story.

Reclaimed Features:

  • ENMAR won "Best Reclaimed Floor" in 2007
  • Available in Oak, Hickory, Heart Pine, Chestnut, Jarrah, Maple, Ash, Beech, Birch and Trestlewood.
  • Richer finishes
  • Provides a rustic, weathered look that is difficult to impossible to mimic
  • Naturally aged
  • Extremely dense and durable
  • Environmentally friendly and one of the best flooring choices for people with allergies and other chemical sensitivities.

Reclaimed Samples:

The images below are a small sampling of the types of reclaimed flooring ENMAR has on hand.

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* Note – Due to supply fluctuations, some items shown may no longer be available, however have been replaced with something even more spectacular!!!


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