Staining the hardwood floors

Q. How do I decide what stain color to choose when staining the hardwood floors? Do I have to stain my floor?

A. You absolutely do not have to stain your floor. The natural color to every wood is beautiful. There is a natural color variance, different grain patterns inherent to each species. It is your decision as to how light or dark of a floor you would like. It may be just choosing a species that is naturally dark to accomplish your vision. The reverse is also true.

There is a standard color palette that is available for stain choices. However, here at ENMAR, we custom blend all of our stains, so we have an infinite color palette available to our customers. Just keep in mind, we cannot stain lighter than the natural color of the wood. Whatever the natural color of the wood is, adding a stain color to that wood will blend the new stain color with the natural color (i.e. Walnut that is naturally brown with a Sedona Red Stain applied will produce a reddish stain with brown hues present).

That is why it is very critical for us to produce a custom sample board for you to see and approve prior to staining the whole area. Another frequent mistake we see is that the wood floor is stained to match cabinets, doors, furniture, etc. Matching colors to any of those items now makes your floor part of the cabinets, doors, etc. You want all elements of your project to stand out on its own and be noticeable. Rule of thumb is to go one shade lighter or darker than the other main wood items in the area with your flooring.