Engineered Hardwood Vs. Laminate

Engineered Hardwood Vs. Laminate

What is engineered wood? How is it different than laminate?

We have many people who come into our store and are uncertain what the differences are between engineered hardwood flooring and laminate flooring. Let’s face it, if you are choosing to put new floors into your home, it is a huge investment and you want to ensure you have all the facts to assist you in making an educated decision.

There is a misconception that engineered hardwood flooring is not “real wood”. Engineered hardwood is real hardwood that has been bonded to a substructure, normally a type of plywood. Engineered hardwood flooring is more stable during changes in humidity.

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Engineered Hardwood Flooring Samples

The top layer or “wear layer” of engineered flooring can vary anywhere from below 2mm of thickness to very substantial 6mm thickness. When it comes to refinishing hardwood floors, depending on the thickness of the wear layer, engineered flooring can also be sanded and refinished if there is damage to the floor.

Laminate flooring is a multi layer synthetic product that “simulates” the look of hardwood by using a photographic image under a clear protective layer. The inner core of laminate is normally a resin and fiberboard. Laminate flooring cannot be sanded in any way if repairs are required so you would have to replace the board. Laminate has been described as sounding hollow under foot, you will not get that with engineered hardwood flooring that is glued to your concrete slab.

Some feel there is more maintenance to real hardwood than laminate. This is not true as all that is required is a lint free dry mop for quick daily cleaning and a damp mop for a deeper clean. This a also applicable to laminate as well.

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