6 Answers About Wood Flooring

Why Wood Flooring?

And Other Hardwood Flooring Questions

In an effort to help you in your wood-shopping venture, we politely asked our customer, Jeff N., to share his ENMAR Hardwood Flooring experience. Lucky us, he gladly obliged.

1) What led you to choose hardwood flooring over other flooring options? 

JEFF: Hardwood floors are classier. I prefer the more natural look in the downstairs living area over synthetic products such as laminate or carpet. I do have tile downstairs and the wood is a perfect contrast for our home. It just feels good and homey. My fiancé says she likes how the wood feels on her feet.

2) Why did you choose ENMAR Hardwood Flooring over other flooring companies?

JEFF: ENMAR’s friendly, professional service can’t be beat. My questions were answered with so much knowledge that when I shopped around, I learned that many other companies didn’t install wood flooring the way it should be installed. For example, other companies wanted to install a bumper/separator between the tile and wood, which was tacky and unsafe. These companies either don’t know how to install properly so that the wood is flush with the tile, or they are lazy. Either way, we trusted ENMAR.

3) Are you happy with ENMAR now that your floor has been installed?

JEFF: Yes! Our flooring was installed so efficiently…no mess, no clutter, prompt, with a fast turn-around time. Had we went with anyone else, we would not have our wood/carpet stairs because not one other company recommended we incorporate carpet to save us money. ENMAR suggested the idea and showed us an example and we loved it! It gave us exactly what we wanted with a reasonable price tag!!

4) What would you tell people who are considering hardwood flooring?

JEFF: I would tell people that hardwood flooring is cool…it sets you apart from all the other homes. I would also tell people to do your research and include ENMAR in your research…you will find that ENMAR is the true expert in the wood flooring business…and you will be happy.

5) What tip do you have for people who aren’t sure which type of wood to choose?

JEFF: Make use of ENMAR’s great showroom of samples. If you want wood installed next to tile and/or carpet, bring in a tile and/or carpet sample. Ask to bring home at least 4 wood samples and look at them at different times of the day, in different light. Eliminate the wood samples that you know won’t work and trade them in for a few more wood flooring pieces. Give yourself 1-2 days for this process until you know, for certain, which wood type is THE ONE. We ended up choosing a wood species/color that we never would have thought of…and the one we thought for sure would have worked well in our home did not match at all. Trust Brian’s advice, too.

6) What is your favorite thing about your wood floor?

JEFF: I love the look and I love the compliments we receive when guests are over. Nobody has wood flooring these days because they have the impression that it is expensive and that it scratches easily. Wood flooring is not expensive when you compare it to other nice flooring options (laminate is NOT nice). It’s not any more expensive than nice tile or nice carpet! We placed $2 felt stickers underneath our furniture, so we have no worries about scratches because nobody here is walking around in heavy, sharp shoes either! We have a Doberman and have ZERO issues.

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