Tips From an Enmar Hardwood Flooring Customer

Tips From an Enmar Hardwood Flooring Customer

In hopes to help those seeking guidance in their hardwood flooring journey, we asked a recent customer a series of questions. Thank you to Stephanie H. for sharing! enmar flooring stephanie h

What led you to choose hardwood flooring for your home?

Stephanie: Both my husband and I grew up in houses with hardwood floors, so we liked the idea of hardwood over carpet or tile. We got to a point where we disliked our carpet so much (even after thorough cleanings) that we caved in and decided we wanted one type of flooring to unify our whole first floor.

What led you to go with Enmar?

Stephanie: We were initially referred to Enmar by a family friend who knew the original owner (also named Brian I believe.) So we used Enmar to install hardwood in our first house …but then we moved out shortly after into a bigger home since we were starting a family. Three years later I was on the hunt to replace the flooring in our new house and obviously decided to include Enmar during my hunt for reasonable quotes.

What tips do you have for people interested in wood flooring?


1. Take the time to bring home as many samples as your heart desires and keep them to see them on your floors during all different times of the day.

2. You don’t always have to go crazy expensive on the floor to get one that will last 20+ years…you just have to know that you have to take care of your investment.

3. The higher the sheen on the wood, the more obvious spots, scratches, and stains are…so if you want something a bit more manageable, pick a wood with a matte sheen.

4. If you plan on being able to sell your house, don’t spend money on a hardwood floor that is too customized or trendy…classic hardwood helped us sell our first house in 1 day and has us getting offers on our current house, even though it is not even for sale!

5. We did NOT install the hardwood in our kitchen or laundry room and, in hindsight, that was the best decision ever for a household with two kids.

6. Opt for new baseboards. Removing and replacing old baseboards do not look good against new wood flooring.

What is your favorite thing about your new wood floor?

Stephanie: I love how having one type of floor really makes our first floor look bigger. We get compliments all the time about how we managed to put amazing character into a track home (we also installed stone on a few interior walls before we had the wood put in). The whole house seems warm with hardwood flooring; not as cold and sterile as tile can be.

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