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Q: I’ve decided on a species of wood, what other decisions do I need to make?

A. Once you choose the wood species, the next consideration would be what “grade” of wood would be the best choice for your project or your taste.  The “grade” is simply the appearance of the wood.

Clear: Clear grade may have some small imperfections, but it is free from defects.

Select: Select grade wood is similar to clear but contains some natural characteristics like knots and color variations.

Common: Common grade wood (No. 1 and No. 2) has even more natural characteristics. No. 1 Common has a diverse appearance, light mixed with dark colors, knots and wormholes. No 2 Common grade is rustic in appearance and emphasizes all wood characteristics of the species.

Once you have decided on your grade, the next consideration is what width or widths of flooring would be best suited for your project.  Strip flooring comes is flooring with a width of 2 ¼” width.  Traditionally older oak flooring or maple  flooring utilized this width.  Plank flooring starts at 3″ and goes as high as 6″ widths.  There is flooring available (that ENMAR carries) that can go as high as 22″.  Any widths over 6″ will have a natural cupping effect to the floor due to the weight and width of the board that is being nailed.  This natural cupping is not a reason to replace your flooring.  Your project may require only one width or several widths combined to produce the look or effect that you are trying to achieve.

What other decisions to make after chosing wood?

The next consideration is the look of the face of the wood. If you’re looking to a achieve a smooth look or feel to the flooring, then we suggest a square edge flooring. Are you looking to achieve some texture to the look of the floor? A consideration would be some hand scraping or distressing.  The amount of distressing can be adjusted from light to heavy.  The reclaimed wood typically has natural distressing inherent to that type of flooring.

Another choice to consider is if you want a bevel to your flooring? Any hand scraped or distressed flooring will have some degree of beveling required from micro to standard.  Ok, thought you’re done making choices, but you are not.  Are you looking for a solid jobsite finished flooring-that would be a floor that is installed and finished on site or are you looking for a prefinished flooring-flooring that has been finished off site and installed?  Are you looking for a solid thickness flooring (wood that is ¾’ thick) or are you looking for an engineered type flooring (flooring that can be as little as 3/8″ total thickness to as thick as 3/46″ total thickness)?

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