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Gym Floor Maintenance Program

You have spent considerable time, effort and money refinishing your wood gym floor. In order to maximize this investment and retain a high level of appearance, a well planned and executed gym floor maintenance program MUST BE IMPLEMENTED.

The following recommendations will help keep your floor clean and attractive.

1. Prohibit the wearing of street shoes on the gym floor. Even some of the popular rubber soled athletic shoes can damage your floor due to sand and grit embedded in the tread. If users are wearing their rubber soled athletic shoes on the street, they should have a different pair for the gym floor. Entrances to the gym should include a walk-off mat that catches both feet twice. This could be a mesh type synthetic mat that allows sand and grit to rub off the bottom of the shoe and fall into the mesh of the mat.

2. Dust mop the floor frequently using a mop properly treated with an appropriate dust accumulator. As a general rule your gym floor should be dust mopped after every two hours of use. The dust mop used on your gym floor should be dedicated only to the gym and not used on other floors in your building. The proper presentation and treatment of your dust mops will ensure effective performance on the floor.

  • For new or freshly laundered mop, determine the length of dust mop (in feet) and apply two ounces of accumulator per foot.
  • After the gym has been dust mopped, the mop should be taken outside and shaken vigorously to free all dirt and grit, which is clinging to the strands.
  • Periodic re-treatment of the dust mop  is necessary. This should be done daily.  Apply the accumulator at the rate of one ounce per foot of mop length.
  • Dust mops should be treated the day before they are to be used and hung overnight with the wicks hanging down. This allows the chemical to penetrate evenly into the wicks and prevent uneven application.

3. Clean the gym floor weekly using an appropriate cleaner in an automatic scrubber or damp mop operation. This will remove stubborn soils, spills, perspiration and other foreign matter from the floor.

  • Mix the chemical at the rate recommended by the manufacturer. When using an automatic scrubber, equip the machine with either a white or red pad. Be sure to use a clean pad.

 Remember, in many situations, the gym floor is the focal point of your entire facility. A well-planned and executed maintenance program will maximize your investment and provide a high level of appearance.

 Plain and simple:

1. Prohibit the wearing of street shoes on the gym floor.

2. Dust mop the floor after every two hours of use, using a dedicated dust mop treated appropriately.

3. Clean the floor weekly using a damp mop or automatic scrubber with an appropriate cleaner.

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