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Pre-Installation Requirements

For your wood flooring installation in a new construction or remodel, the environment needs to be just right and certain preparations need to take place for your new wood flooring installation to be hassle free.

What are the pre-installation requirements?

Please note the following simple procedures:

  • The building should be closed in, with outside windows and doors in place.
  • All wet trades (drywall, paint, ceramic tile, etc.) should have completed their work.
  • Air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems need to be operational. ENMAR cannot start the project without these systems operating. Fans and space heaters will not be sufficient.
  • The temperature and relative humidity should be at “normal living conditions” – between 60-80 degrees for at least 7 days prior to the delivery of the wood flooring and remain operational during and after installation.
  • The wood flooring requires acclimation inside at the job site for at least 5-7 days prior to installation. The wood cannot be stored outside. The wood is bundled on pallets. An area will need to be cleared prior to delivery. Acclimation of wood during startup of HVAC unit is not acceptable.

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